Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A trip down memory lane

Melissa and I set off for a Sunday adventure!  We went to pick up Harriet, her new hedgehog!  She is oh so cute and now I want my own.  The trip was a blast, even though I was up and at 'em after a late night with these cuties.

But we were on the road by 7a with Starbucks in hand.  I am so grateful for a friendship like Melissa's. The day was much like our time together always is - lots of tangents, laughs, vents, food, spent money, loving on pets, etc. etc.

We picked up her super cute hedgehog!! Love her already! Yay Harriet!
The last time Melissa and I drove to Portland, we were off to pick up Zenith.  So I find it ironic that the grown up pup would be in the backseat making noise like he did last time (this time panting, last time whining) and we were only a few minutes from GDB Boring campus.  We stopped for a little photo recreation :)
Oh Zenith.  It's been two years longer than I thought we'd have together, and you are the perfect reminder that God only gives you what you can handle - and you are given a little extra someone if it's a lot to handle.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it out of 2013 without Zenith.  Losing Sam was the hardest thing ever, coupled with losing sweet girl Missy, and Rob and Emma.  Having that pup by my side helped me get through it.  And I will love him forever.

On the way home, we stopped and visited Grammy :)
A full and fabulous day :)

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