Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some notes

  1. I reaaaaally gotta get that ex off my main picture on top of this blog.  I just love that whole design so much, and since picnik doesn't exist anymore, it's not as easy to I just occasionally come to the main page and see that face and think "uuuuugh, I gotta change it!"  But I haven't.  But I will.  So, sometime.  Soon.
  2. I took a half day that was supposed to be a full day today.  I had a meeting and got my bum to school by 7:14am...and was going to leave at 8:55am, and then they were short subs, so my day off became a full day that eventually became a half day.  I left at noon and headed to good ol' Seattle U.  
  3. I met with two faculty members for my dissertation.  I am so so behind and I have so so much to do.  I need to DO IT! SOON.
  4. I have a good plan.  Just need to activate that plan.  SOON.
  5. Some things are looking really good these days.  I'm feeling hopeful.  I just have to relax and remind myself that I am right where I am supposed to be.  And the best is ahead.  And I really do know that to be true, and it's taking considerably less convincing these days.
  6. My sweet baby boy oldman cat is nearing his end.  I swear my heart is slowly breaking with each passing day.  I cannot and do not want to imagine my life and home without him in it.  He has been the closest and most consistent being in my life and I love him in a way I can't explain.  I am a proud crazy cat lady.  And the fact that I've been preparing for this for 10 years and two months doesn't make it even a little bit easier.
  7. I absolutely made the right decision to stay in teaching this year.  Truthfully, I don't even know if I ever will leave the classroom.  I seriously love what I do so much.  Even when I hate it.  Such a great job.
  8. I have SO much work to do.  So much.  But I'll get it done.  

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Annalise said...

You are in the right place and greatness is ahead if you. It always is. I'm so glad you stayed in the classroom, too. You're so great at it!! Sam is such a fighter. He is so loved.