Sunday, April 20, 2014

The best is ahead!

I just strongly believe this must be true.  You manifest your own happiness, and if you keep focusing on that happiness and what you can do to create it, life will continue to bless you with the best.  Cheers to a great week ahead, focusing on the positive, and creating the best.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Force!

I love the Force and love when we get together.  Thanks to Jen for always ensuring it gets on the calendar.  Thanks for the three ladies for a consistent and reliable friendship.  
I love you guys!  And el hefe margaritas and tachoes and matador nachos.  xoxo

Greenlake :)

I am pretty sure Greenlake is my most favorite place.  We changed our happy hour plans into a Greenlake walk and cold picnic - it was exactly what I needed :) Thanks friends!

Camano Island for the day!

I had one goal for Spring Break: make it to Camano Island and spend a day with my best friend and her cute kids.  Mission accomplished!  I am so so grateful for a friendship like Bethany's.  We never see each other and we don't talk as often as we should, yet I know she 100% has my best interest at heart, would be there for me in a second, and cares so deeply for me.  I am one lucky lady.  The only thing I love better than having a best friend like Bethany is watching someone like her as a mom.  She is an amazing mom, and her three amazing kids are a testament to that (and yes, Scott, her dear husband, gets some credit too :)).  A day with her is just so rejuvenating.  I loved hanging out all day at her house, playing with the kids, talking about jobs, relationships, and the future over coffee and tea, walking the pup, reading stories, and playing games together.  It was exactly what I needed and I had the best day :)  Thanks Bethany, for always having my back. xoxo

Jay and Silent Bob

My dear friend Leta and her cute family were in town and we met for a quick get together at the dog park and playground.  Cameron is too cute and loved Zenith - hope this little one gets a pup someday :)  Leta is expecting baby #2 and I am so very excited for her!  We haven't stayed in touch as much as we should have, but I will always look back at college so very fondly (we were inseparable :)) and know that I will always have her support whenever I need it.  So fun to get to see her and catch up for a bit!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cohort 36(1)

When I started this journey, I had no interest in making friends or getting to know anyone.  I wanted to take the classes, earn the degree, and simply get 'er done.  I had no idea I would learn so much and love these people so much.  I am so grateful for the cohort model.  It is what I strive for every day in my classroom: a school family, a caring community, a built-in support system with people that know what you're going through.  I feel lucky to get to be a student in this way.

Love my cohort :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We pulled off a sweet surprise to celebrate a milestone birthday for my great mom. Everyone made it and it was so special and so wonderful! My family is the best!

My mom....she's amazing. I'm so impressed with the things she can handle, the time and energy she puts into so many (too many) things, the way she shares and shows love to so many, the support she constantly gives to all of us, and the way she loves. I am so lucky. Happy birthday, Mom!


Check out my new header.  Haha, it's not perfect, but I just wanted a quick fix for the meantime.  Haha.  I am laughing.

A trip down memory lane

Melissa and I set off for a Sunday adventure!  We went to pick up Harriet, her new hedgehog!  She is oh so cute and now I want my own.  The trip was a blast, even though I was up and at 'em after a late night with these cuties.

But we were on the road by 7a with Starbucks in hand.  I am so grateful for a friendship like Melissa's. The day was much like our time together always is - lots of tangents, laughs, vents, food, spent money, loving on pets, etc. etc.

We picked up her super cute hedgehog!! Love her already! Yay Harriet!
The last time Melissa and I drove to Portland, we were off to pick up Zenith.  So I find it ironic that the grown up pup would be in the backseat making noise like he did last time (this time panting, last time whining) and we were only a few minutes from GDB Boring campus.  We stopped for a little photo recreation :)
Oh Zenith.  It's been two years longer than I thought we'd have together, and you are the perfect reminder that God only gives you what you can handle - and you are given a little extra someone if it's a lot to handle.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it out of 2013 without Zenith.  Losing Sam was the hardest thing ever, coupled with losing sweet girl Missy, and Rob and Emma.  Having that pup by my side helped me get through it.  And I will love him forever.

On the way home, we stopped and visited Grammy :)
A full and fabulous day :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Gym four days a week
Gratitude journal
Proposal defended and approved
Naturopath vitamins handled
Zenith training started, practiced regularly
To do list maintained and checked off

April - I'm ready for you!