Friday, January 23, 2015

In The News

I am constantly wanting to write on my blog more. I loved when I wrote regularly and I love reflecting on it later. Somehow getting old has made my life even more boring, my competency significantly lower, my time reduced, and my daily activities even more mundane. So it's hard. But I do love it and I'm trying hard to get back into it.

In the news: Studies have shown that writing about oneself and personal experiences can improve mood disorders, help reduce symptoms among cancer patients, improve a person’s health after a heart attack, reduce doctor visits and even boost memory. Another thing about self reflection is this: 'When you get to that confrontation of truth with what matters to you, it creates the greatest opportunity for change.'" True story.

One of my favorite things ever is research. I love an argument where I can say "well the research says..." and since my doctoral world is all about the research, I have a lot to say.  And this research shows that the more you reflect and write about your life, the happier you'll be.  Cheers to self-reflection, blogging, and research!

Full article here:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week in Review January 5-11

Monday: one of my besties had her baby :) I love him too much.Welcome to the world, Ole Niklas! Your parents are some of my favorites!

I captured this perfect picture of my two beloveds on the way to bed. I heart them.

Wonka started venturing out of tie down in the classroom. Working on greeting the kindergarteners better, but he really is such a good dog.

New background picture on my phone. I really love them.

My mom's work retirement party. It was so 'awesome' to see what everyone had to say about her. She left an amazing work legacy and she was so well respected for her leadership. My sister and I giggled when everyone who spoke mentioned her calm leadership style and I said 'no one will ever look back on my career and tell me that.' Ha! Best we all strive for something - I need to be more like her.

Wonka got the runs. I was late for work. I took a picture of him getting the runs. I posted it on my blog. 

I snuggled with this sweet baby. I can't get enough of how perfect he is!
Started my Martin Luther King Jr. talk. Love that man (despite his lack of marital commitment). We made a list of all the things we can do with our own two hands. Thank Jack, for providing an awesome kinder-appropriate song for us to jam to all morning.

Up early to spend the day with these peeps! Good thing I love them lots because a looooong day of class on a Saturday is a loooooong day.
Then off to watch the Hawks win their playoff game with my boys at home. My sister made it on TV kissing Baby Bennett. 


House hunting :) I found a house that I love! Then felt depressed all day. Whaaaat?! I hate change. Getting me out of that townhouse is going to be a lot of hard work, although necessary.  Also, upon closer look at my next house, I need more money. Anyone?

January Goals

I have written this three times… And the blogger app does not like to save my work. So here I try again… 

January Goals:

Try hot yoga. Once. This is been on my mental goal list for a long time, and I have yet to make it down the street to an appointment. It is happening this month.

Have a better attitude in the mornings. As my wise friend Kristin says… "Attitude is everything." I hate the mornings. I am always tired and I'm always feeling like I don't want to get out of bed. I don't know when I started with this negative attitude, but I'm trying really hard to switch it. Today was a good reminder on how you really can change in attitude. I was so crabby when I opened my eyes, and now I am at work and feeling great. It was a small switch but I made it.

Take a bunch of little opportunities to help Wonka with his training. I want to say 'be at better puppy mama in general,' but my wise friend Scott says you need to be more specific with your goals and have a plan in place. If I take advantage of little opportunities every day to help Wonka, I know we will be way better off.

I have lots of mini goals connected to my professional life and school needs, but I am going to leave those for now.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Mom Graduates

My mom retired yesterday - or, in the words of Brandon, "she graduated...from work." She worked a long and rewarding career. Raised three [kickass] girls, played Mimi to grandkids, and inspired me personally and professionally in more ways than I can. I can't believe she worked so long and is now done! Crazy. We'll see how she does with so much down time :) My guess is she'll stay super busy. 

We celebrated today with a family New Year's brunch. The day was long but it was fun :) I love my family. And I love sharing it with Owen and Chris. And love how easy it all is to do that :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Year in Review


  • ...rang in the year on Whidbey with some BFFs
  • hung on to a guy when I shouldn't have
  • finally cut the string from a guy that should have been gone long ago (and the whole world cheered!)
  • defended my dissertation proposal
  • totally and completely stopped blogging
  • got a puppy and rejoined the Guide Dogs for the Blind journey 
  • entered my final (God willing!) year of grad school
  • went to Cali with a best friend to visit two best friends 
  • went with the binas to watch Fanny marry her amazing Australian Thailand fling
  • joined the best friend for an after school club with a big bunch of fourth and fifth graders
  • helped hire a new principal and ended up with an assistant too
  • dated a few cute firefighters
  • donated blood six times
  • held his paw while Zenith donated five times (and saved 20 pups' lives!) 
  • wrote a harmless newspaper article that turned into a serious debate with a mean community member
  • started treating myself to regular massages. best. money. ever.
  • kept with a busy birthday tradition and had 32 kind friends join me
  • quit outdoor soccer, declined my indoor soccer games. planned to participate more in 2k15.
  • presented at a meeting to Seattle Blind Association and left feeling more committed than ever to the work of Guide Dogs
  • nursed/cried/cheered a friend through a divorce
  • made many poor choices, best not relived, but determined not to recommit
  • discovered old acquaintances could become new good friends
  • had visits and run-ins from old students that reminded me how blessed I am to do what I do
  • took two dogs to school. two big dogs. often in costumes. 
  • added a series of instagram pics/facebook updates about my dogs, earning my crazydoglady status.
  • completed a 17-week study with my beloved pup and some hardworking second graders
  • committed to Crossfit
  • met Macklemore - TWICE
  • watched my brother in law hold his own in a celebrity softball game
  • became phone BFFs with a guy I grew up with yet never met
  • watched the Seahawks win the Super Bowl
  • became Auntie Jess 4.0 ... AND 5.0 as I welcomed Kerrigan Milele and Bennett William
  • started having daily headaches and convinced myself I had brain cancer
  • completed my third triathlon 
  • lost my final sweet cat and became a catlesscrazycatlady
  • turned 32!
  • slowly and steadily put on too much weight
  • fell in love 
  • ended the year more determined and focused on what is ahead

My 14 for '14 were: finish, write, move on, let go, accomplish, improve, lose, love, commit, focus, be present, excel, be patient.

In a totally unpredictable form...I finished a relationship, I wrote lots of text, I moved on from friends that weren't good for me, I let go of expectations, I accomplished plenty, I improved my attitude, I lost my cat, I fell in love, I committed to myself, I focused on what I care about, I was present with friends and family, I excelled in surprising ways, and I was patient enough.  It's all a part of the journey...

Time for 2015 - I have major plans!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Death by burpee box jumps

Yup, that's my new hell. I hate burpees. I extra hate burpee box jumps. Death by burpee box jumps is crazy hard. My goal was six rounds (that was the lowest on the board and I was fine matching those people) - I made seven rounds and was one burpee away from eight. Done. And accomplished. Thanks to Lauren for not letting me out of it. 

Now subbing on a soccer team at beautiful greenlake. 

With a walk for the pup before go time. 

The rest of the day included a massage, a couple hours in my classroom, a helpful self help appointment, and a few needed errands. 

I could get used to this!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Schools Out For Summer

Yay Summer!  So excited to welcome summer in this household.  It was a very busy end of the year, but I made it and I said goodbye to my tenth group of students yesterday.  It was a good teaching year.  Not my favorite year in the personal life of Jessica, but I learned a lot and, after a rough patch, I am back to reminding myself the best is ahead.  And great is here!  I have to remind myself that and I'm sure eventually I'll listen ... I'm a slow learner, remember? :)

I welcomed summer by sleeping in, a doctor's appointment, a trip to Whole Foods, and the gym with my favorite puppy companion and my favorite gym buddy and her pup :)

And I Rxed and PRed!  Best way to start a summer of fitness - RIGHT?!  I do think so :)

I wish the doctor's appointment had been more productive, but after having my entire body poked and prodded, looks like I still don't have a set of answers for what's been going on with me the past few months.  UGH.  I also saw the Naturopath yesterday and she also didn't help much. But I am determined to get everything back in order this summer.  Low stress, better organization, good food, lots of crossfit,  plenty of sleep, and good health.  It's gonna happen.  Working on my epic relaxing summer of 2014 to do list now :)

Back to work tomorrow to wrap up the classroom, officially say goodbye to the 2013-2014 school year, and get my brain closed to school thoughts and open to the selfish fabulous summer I have ahead!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Notes. Always just notes.

I am doing this #100happydays on Instagram. That's where all my pictures are going. 

I'm going to repost a bunch of pictures here soon anyway. Not now. But soon. 

My fat clothes don't fit. I have gone through a lot of emotions with this, but I'm settling on "just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

The year needs to be over. Right. Now.

God willing, I am within a month or so of defending my dissertation proposal. I think I am really close, and am really praying it happens soon.

I am also getting a new buddy in about a month… Stay tuned. And it may be male, but no, it's not a man. 

I love the dog. Like really really love him. Like he is the best thing in my life. And that must be saying something because he is also a shithead.

It is past my bedtime.

The good news is that I have figured out why I have been so tired. At least I think. Thank goodness for meds and second opinions. 

I cannot wait for the year to be over. Did I already say that?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Zenith!!

I love this dog.  Obviously.  There's nothing new to say.  It's obvious to him, me, and everyone that knows us that he has been a support when I've needed it most.  He's cuter than hell.  Funnier than shit.  Annoying as f*ck. And has an actual JOB.  He gets paid in snuggles and cookies and love for spending the day with 51 kindergarteners that think he's pretty big time.  I've said it a zillion times, he's not only changed me, but he's changed my whole job.  How awesome is that?

Happy 4th Birthday, Zenith!  I have been waiting for you to get older and mature, but now that you've reached middle-age, I'm starting to panic.  I'm not ready for you to get old on me.  xoxoxo

And true to form, he took his new indestructible $20 birthday present, and destroyed it in minutes.

Whidbey Weekend with the old couple

I ventured to Whidbey with the pup for a short weekend with my parents on Easter.  My sisters were busy and, although I really missed the kids on Easter, it was nice and relaxing to hang with two of my favorite people. 
I enjoyed the beautiful weather, hot tub, and some good ol' wine (that makes me want to do selfies!)
The pup was tormented by the little pups but got some good R&R in too.
My dad mocked Laka's accessory (thanks Melissa!) but then insisted I take a dozen pictures of her wearing it.  He's such a crazydogman.
Not to be overshadowed by this crazydoglady.  Love my pup.

We made it to the nursery and I got some new plants for my front door.  I hope they live!!

Fun and relaxing weekend!